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This is the UFO I photographed over Clearwater Florida on March 28, 2020.

I was taking pictures of the Moon and Venus with a zoom lens and could not get both in the same frame. I soon saw a star cluster halfway between those known celestial objects, so I decided to focus on that and get a good photo of it. Because my eyesight is poor, I did not know that I was focusing on a craft at the time, and did not find out what I photographed until I saw the results on my computer screen the next day. If I knew what I had in frame was not a star cluster, but what appeared to be a vehicle, I would have taken many more pictures and video. But that was not meant to be.

Click the photos below to link to the gallery. Each photo is described in detail.


The MUFON case analysis that I disagree with is below.

This graphic should help explain the situation.

NOT TO SCALE – Zoom lens incapable of capturing Moon and Venus in the same shot.

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