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Screenplays seem to find themselves in a constant state of flux.  One day I like the finished product and the next day I don’t.  So, some will have links to current editions while the rest sit in the editing bay. 

If you would like to read a screenplay please use the contact form.

Current Slate  

Best                                           Television Sitcom 
A car rental on an island where nobody needs a car. 

Cosmosis                                   Feature Screenplay: Science Fiction / Drama 
The inhabitants of a lost space ship search for a planet. 

Great Falls                                 Feature Screenplay: Drama                                                  A popular teen must battle his own violent tendencies as his family deteriorates in the wake of suicide, betrayal and incest. 

Ideal Beginnings                      

Feature Screenplay: Mystery / Suspense 
A psychotic lawyer joins a dating service that cons high profile singles. 

In The Moment                         Short: Drama                                                  A celebrated actress returns to the screen after a hiatus in a mental ward. 

Low Budget                               Television Sitcom 
When a tragic accident becomes a fatal mistake, a trio of novice filmmakers must choose whether to seek help or hide what they have done. With the right casting call they may find a way to do both. 

Small World                               Feature Screenplay: Crime Drama                                          A reformed drug user finally gets a job and starts bringing home a paycheck to support his family.  When his father acquires a parcel of lost cocaine it becomes both a step toward financial freedom and the catalyst for dangerous partnerships.

Steve-O Buys Ugly Houses       Feature Screenplay: Comedy                                                A real estate tycoon becomes the focus of an investigation when a serial killer uses his property as a dumping ground.

Co-Written with Dean Altit

American Dream Feature Screenplay: Drama
When a stockbroker loses his job in the great recession of 2008 his wife becomes mentally unhinged as her lifestyle disintegrates.

Unpunished Feature Screenplay: Drama
When a woman in Juarez Mexico goes missing her sister embarks on an unrelenting search for the truth.

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