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Eternity’s Grasp

Eternity’s Grasp is a 77,000 word psychological thriller.

This novel is complete and in final draft status. It is now open for review by beta readers.

It is the first-person account of a career gambler, reeling from a huge loss, who impulsively kills somebody and deludes himself into thinking he is invisible. The introspective narrative delves into his psyche to reveal secrets that nobody who knows him would even suspect, not his friends, his lover, his mother, or the FBI agent who wants to trap him. Will his secrets take you on a journey of terror from which there may be no escape? You can bet on it.

I must include trigger warnings for violence, sexual assault, and narcissism.

I hope you decide to read it and share your thoughts.

Please follow this link to Beta Books. It is an easy to use website and the book is free to read.

Thank you for your reviews.

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