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To find the perfect cup of coffee one must embark on an epic journey. Step out of your kitchen on a worldwide trek to discover, in rhyme, a taste worth searching for and surprise worth reading. For poetry lovers who long for enchanting jungles, daring escapades by land, sea and air all for the love of that pure robust taste of heaven; this story is for you.

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This is fabulous! This is the evidence I need to prove there is a human being out there more obsessed with coffee, than I. Oh, wow, how can I review this? Let’s see…  Overall Quality – Anyone who can get me “hang on” and holds my interest ALL THE WAY THROUGH to the bottom of a 3,000 word poem– on ONE subject– and can still be rhyming after the first 1,500 words– definitely deserves an excellent.  Originality – Hmmmmm… when is the last time I read a poem about coffee that travels the globe, develops characters, is filled with suspense, humor, murder, mayhem and SHARKS– not mention a surprise twist at the end… Oh… I’ll go with excellent here, as well. Communication of Theme – Well, I believe he communicated the theme, ad infinitum. In fact, it’s a safe bet to say there is nothing further that can be said about the bean! Did he prove he was really in search of the perfect brew? Indeed, agreed! Did he also convey an underlying “life theme” and message– Oh, yes, it is true! Fluency – Did it flow? It flowed as if every pot of coffee, in every Starbucks and Bodega in the city of Manhattan– broke loose– flooded all 5 boroughs– and refilled the entire Atlantic Ocean. It hummed… it sang… it screamed… IT NEVER LOST IT’S FLOW. It was like a adult Dr. Seuss book but even better. Excellent, just excellent. I’m blind with rhymes, I’ll speak in peaks for weeks. My brain is framed in sing-song maze, That may not break until I wake.  Seriously, it has fine structure as a poem– but this is a book– a fabulous short story– that must be told– and should be sold! I have quite a few friends who I would love to give this little book to. We are all coffee freaks, hanging out in coffee shops; buying the whole beans. Just what this insomniac needed, for reading tonight. The entire piece is clever and wonderful. Fabulous imagery– GREAT, story-telling, lots of wonderful phrasing and word choices. Lot’s of “life” messages as told through the bean! Thoroughly enjoyed.  Can you do one on chocolate, now?         – Allison Puglisi

How you ever managed to get so many lines in writing this epic coffee poem is beyond me – but I admire it a great deal. Editors, on the other hand, might consider it a modern day Dante meets Magellan meets you meets Sanka. I don’t know, I probably shouldn’t have said the thing about Sanka as this poem clearly outclasses Sanka. I’ve never seen anything like this. Probably I should have mulled it’s brevity longer. But it’s big, it’s grand…and one tall cup of Joe to swallow. Bravo.                       – Sterling Kennedy

“Coffee” is a pure joy and delight! I love the cadence and the meter you maintain so well throughout the work. You have brought an impeccable charm and rip-roaring high adventure to this libation! I can easily envision this work gracing the “coffee” tables of the hoi polloi all across the US. And even into Europe’s fair clime! You’ve got me to thinking in metered rhyme. This was such a treat! I think I may have to go brew another pot…. my mouth waters now for the bitter-black brew! A wonderful trek across mountains and seas!        – Delynne Troy


The Diary of Romeo Slim and The Cold White Room: A poet’s dream

A collection of poems exploring youth, unrequited love and the dream of escape in search of something better. Written almost entirely in rhyme, the story follows Romeo Slim from the brink of suicide on a journey to self acceptance. Along the way he explores the world around him, keeping his words to himself, until he finds the strength to share them.

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