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My life in Montana, Utah and Washington consisted of more than just collecting addresses. I routinely explored these states and know both the main highways and backroads intimately.  I hiked mile upon mile in wilderness areas and am privileged to have a nearly eidetic memory when it comes to location.   Once I visit a place I have absolute total recall.

Trekking through the Alashan region of the Gobi Desert included visiting ruins dating back over a millennia. Windswept mountains of sand slope over the landscape dotted with abandoned cities and the yurts of nomadic shepherds who scrape a life from fields of sparse grasses.  Inner Mongolia lends itself to any production in need of natural desolation or devastation alongside the inescapable vastness and beauty of a rich natural desert. 

Where the Amazon Basin meets Venezuela I explored a bounty of grassland accessed only by meandering muddy rivers teeming with pirhana, black caiman and river dolphin.  Tepuis beckon in the morning mist, each towering over two miles high.  It is an other-worldly backdrop for productions in need of rare, undisturbed vistas.

Both here and in Peru local villages have buildings typical of South and Central America and jungle dwellings offer palm thatched roof with authentic native-built designs, all easily accessible from the rivers.  Dense jungle allows filming night scenes throughout the day.  The Manu and Madre De Dios rivers offer glimpses of giant otters and vibrant parrots with a constant jungle soundtrack of insects, rare birds and howler monkeys. 

Whatever location you seek I will find it. Finding crew, gathering permits, securing travel and accommodations – that’s my thing.  Just let me know what you’re looking for.  I will make it happen. 


Having traveled extensively throughout the USA and living much of my life in Florida and other population centers, I know where to find really cool buildings, inside and out.  My location scouting service includes securing crew and permits throughout the USA and abroad.

Working with scores of talent and crew and developing the film festival filled my address book with crew and talent from every corner of the globe (if a sphere can have corners).  I have kept in touch with hundreds of people and have personal connections with dozens of above and below the line talent and crew, all with excellent credentials, to share upon request.

Who ever you need, where ever you need them, I can get them.

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