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Assignments & Challenges

You will rarely employ a person who has held over 100 jobs and may even consider it peculiar. Yet, how is that any different from casting an actor who has performed in just as many productions?  Any way you slice it I have toiled in multiple disciplines and am willing to go toe to toe with any competitor when professionally matched.  The fact is that I can honestly say I have seen it, done it and been there.  I present a life experience and work history unlike any other that culminates in a unique and fresh perspective on your project at hand.

I present here my complete work history, formal education and personal accomplishments alongside my work in acting and film production.


Budget Tracker – Government Operations Consultant II for Fisheries Dependent Monitoring                                      
Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute of Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission
St. Petersburg FL
May 2016 – Present
Track budgets of approximately $8.7 million annually.
Create projections for expenditures of grant monies from National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission (GSMFC), National Marine Fisheries Service/NOAA Fisheries, Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC), US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS-DOI), and Florida state funds.
Create purchase requisitions up to and in excess of $1,400,000.
Prepare reports, funding requests, and credit memos.
Supervise administrative staff for 100+ member department within Fish & Wildlife Research Institute with quick response to requests by immediate office and field staff.
Reconcile monthly vehicle logs and department purchases.
Communicate via telephone, email, US Postal mail and Fedex.
Submit purchase card payments for reconciliation within the state of Florida accounting system.
Log purchases and organize expenditures by state and Federal grants.
Purchase supplies and pay department bills.
Order US Postage vouchers and deposit checks.
Florida Certified Contract Manager (Certificate #7918-21092)

Grout Monitor                                           
Amec Foster Wheeler, Environment & Infrastructure, Americas
Tampa FL
February 2015 – May 2016
Monitor drilling and grouting of soil beneath structures to remediate possible sinkhole activity. Calculate quantities used and sample grout periodically. Report data to engineers.

RISC Services Inc.
Tampa Bay FL
January 2015
Photographed interiors and exteriors of bank owner properties for insurance purposes. Company is owned by a guy in Pennsylvania who took almost two months to pay me.

Receptionist / Administrative Assistant
Medicaid Filing Services LLC
Clearwater FL
July 2013 – December 2014
Personal assistant to principals.  
Keep calendars, set appointments, administer email campaigns.

Tampa Bay FL
March 2013 – June 2014                              
Photograph commercial real estate for market assessment.

Event Assistant
Weddings On A Whim                               
Clearwater FL
August – September 2013
Assisted in setting up decorations for beach weddings.

Event Manager
Elegant Weddings By Deborah
Tampa Bay FL    
October 2012 – June 2013
Formulated marketing plan to build clientele and vendor network. Developed relationships with over 100 vendors and procured discounts and incentives. Created pivotal online marketing campaign that established our brand and captured new business. Devised event timelines and coordinated vendors. Worked as chief assistant to primary Wedding Planner.

Delivery Driver
Edible Arrangements
Clearwater FL 
February 2013, May, December 2011  
Holiday fruit basket delivery.

Account Executive
Buy Tampa Bay 
Clearwater FL 
August 2012 – February 2013
Sold print and direct mail advertising. 

Family Service Counselor
Sylvan Abbey Memorial Park
Clearwater FL 
October 2011 – August 2012
Sold cemetery property and pre-paid funeral arrangements.  Assist at-need families in cemetery and follow up through aftercare appointments.

Executive Director / Owner
The Clearwater Film Festival 
Clearwater FL 
October 2009 – September 2011                       
Created international film festival to showcase animation, documentary, short and feature length films.  Completed two seasons – September 2010 and September 2011.  Administered 3 theaters, 86 – 100 hours of screen time with over 130 films.  Organized 18 Q & A panels featuring over 20 film industry professionals.  Hosted several major parties with 3 live music stages.  Directed over 30 volunteers to screen films and host venues.  Wrote creative content for website.  Created online, TV, radio and print advertising.  Raised funding through film submissions and sponsorship.  Hosted over 800 attendees.

Appointment Setter
Duramade Windows and Doors
Clearwater FL
July – August 2011
Stood around a mall kiosk asking people to set appointments for a sales people to come to their home and sell them windows, doors and solar water heaters.  One day the kiosk was gone because the company did not pay the mall rent and didn’t even let me know before I showed up for work.

Account Executive
Faircount Publishing
Tampa FL 
April – June 2011
Glorified phone solicitor.

Karaoke Deejay
J.A.M.S. Entertainment
Tampa FL 
February – May 2011
Host singers, play music and sing.

Taxi Driver
United Taxi
Clearwater FL 
January – March 2011
Drive taxi around Tampa Bay.

Taxi Driver
Yellow Cab
Clearwater FL 
November 2010 – January 2011
Drive taxi around Tampa Bay.

Election Day Help
Pinellas County 
Largo FL
November 2010
Answer phone callers questions about their voters registration status and precincts.

US Census Bureau
Clearwater FL 
April – June 2010
Complete census for lazy bastards who wouldn’t mail in their forms.

Account Executive
Imtek Direct LLC 
Clearwater FL and Austin TX  
September 2008 – October 2009  
Sold direct mail programs at trade shows specifically designed for Dental, Optometry and Veterinary markets. Sold direct mail advertising at trade shows. Constantly grew new business through strategic lead harvesting strategy. Devised nationwide trade show participation schedule. Controlled booth space rental contracts, billing, and collateral delivery schedule. Administered travel accommodations for about 30 shows a year. Traveled extensively.

Executive Producer / Owner / Freelance Writer
BEST Productions 
Clearwater FL, Austin TX, Billings MT     
January 2005 – September 2009                    
Finance and coordinate short film productions
Wrote comedic and dramatic screenplays for television and cinema. Produced one TV pilot and several independent short films.

Administrative Assistant (Temporary)              
Texas State Health Services                         
Austin TX 
July – August 2008                
Contract position through Goodwill Industries. Filed and destroyed old documentation.

Senior Account Executive / Media Consultant
Yellowbook  (now known as Hibu)
who bought McLeod USA  in Summer 2002
who bought Sunstate Directory  in Spring 2000
who bought Valley Yellow Pages  in Winter 2000
Clearwater FL (1999-2006) and Billings MT (2006-08) 
June 1999 – July 2008
Utilized outside sales practices to establish new yellow page ad accounts. Maintained repeat business to ensure the growth of publication. Designed advertisements and produced artwork. Provided strategic customer consultation. Developed comprehensive campaigns for new advertisers. Trained and mentored new sales reps. Consistently ranked in the top 10% of peer group average.
• 2001 – Ranked 23rd of 1,500 in nationwide sales, Awarded Presidents Club status (McLeod USA)
• 2003 – Sold the most new accounts in the Tampa Bay Region
• 2003 – Awarded Sales Executive of the Year for Florida West Coast Division

Outside Sales
Kaerner Promotional Products
Billings MT    
September 2007 – January 2008
Sold custom made promotional advertising novelties like pens, hats, and mugs.

Palma Ceia Country Club
Tampa FL  
December 2001      
Serve dinner and bus tables for large parties.

Travel Your Way
Tampa FL  
April – June 1999
Sell vacations to UK residents as they respond to toll free number on direct mail advertising.

Rental Clerk
Hollywood Video
Tampa FL  
April – June 1999
Rent videos and handle obscene amounts of cash without any help.

Central Security
Tampa FL    
March – April 1999                       
Cold call apartment complexes and industrial units with security guards on staff and offer a lower bid contract to replace perfectly good security guards with ones who will work for less money.

Bakery Sales
Farm To Market Store & Bakery
Libby MT  
September 1998 – March 1999
Sold baked goods throughout NW Montana and Idaho Panhandle. Built a route based on my client list at Weissman’s Hardware enabling me to serve both employers without compromise.

US Census Bureau
Libby MT 
August – September 1998  
Created maps so we could account for the lazy bastards who would not mail in census forms or answer their doors.

Sales Representative
Carl Weissman & Sons Inc. 
Libby MT 
April 1998 – March 1999
Sold hardware and steel to machine shops in remote Northwest Montana. Increased established accounts by 50% in first year. Widened geographic territory to include Idaho Panhandle.

Customer Service Specialist
US Postal Service Business Center 
Salt Lake City UT     
March 1997 – March 1998         
Established new accounts for Business Reply and Express Mail Corporate customers Acted as marketing consultant to clientele in design and implementation of Direct Mail campaigns. Provided information on address quality standards, postage rates, and guidelines for mail piece design and rate qualifications. Designed Business and Courtesy Reply Mail for automation compatibility.

Passenger Train Conductor / Engineer
Utah’s Hogle Zoo
Salt Lake City UT     
April – May 1997
Drove 5 car train on tracks around zoo. Held up to 50 passengers. Flawless safety record. Never crashed.

Lead Rental Agent
AVIS Rent-A-Car 
Salt Lake City UT     
November 1994 – March 1997
Directed front line sales force daily. Handled phone calls, data entry and resolved immediate customer service issues. Mentored over 200 AVIS trainees in all facets of successful negotiation from beating objections to solid closing techniques. Organized work schedules and created incentive contests. Wrote daily reports and audits, determined vehicle availability status, and located overdue and missing cars. Created 24 hour work schedule to accommodate SLC location. Schedule was later adopted by entire AVIS Rocky Mountain region.

Salt Lake City UT     
November – December 1994
Made phone calls.

Auto Salesman
Uptown Acura
Salt Lake City UT     
November 1994
Found a better sales environment than Jerry Seiner’s but still didn’t sell any cars. The Utah sales dynamic was not as laid back as I had in Spokane WA.

Auto Salesman
Jerry Seiner
Salt Lake City UT     
October 1994 
Attempted to sell overpriced cars in an oppressive sales environment.

Auto Salesman
Dishman Suzuki
Spokane WA  
May – October 1994
Sold a lot of nice cars at reasonable prices. Dewey Hebeler was a gem of a fellow to work for. Taught me how to sell. My last month I pushed 30 cars out in as many days.

Miss Kitty’s Adult Bookstore
Spokane WA
July 1994
Sold adult novelties, magazines, and videos to both responsible adults and those of questionable intent, but never asked any personal questions. We just sold the stuff.  How they used it was their own business.

Temporary Help
Spokane WA  
June 1994
Cleaned grocery store as part of overnight crew.

Appointment Setter
Ideal Beginnings
Spokane WA  
February – July 1994
Set appointments for singles to join introductory service. Prior to the internet, we advertised on TV and radio, and kept a library of eligible bachelors. Ladies and gentlemen could browse through our three ring binders full of head shots and watch a video of their prospective match. We also hosted a singles dance in the Ridpath Hotel ballroom.

The Penstock Gallery      
Spokane WA  
September 1993 – March 1994 
Successfully built 1800 square foot retail art gallery with 62 artists and managed over $250,000 in consigned original art in only 45 days. Rebooted in 2017 as an online Etsy Shop.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
Spokane WA  
October – November 1993   
Sold gift certificate books as charity fundraiser door to door and over telephone.

Production Line Worker
Olympic Foods
Spokane WA  
May – August 1993
Monitored and filled crates of fruit juices and corn dogs from assembly line.

Breakfast Cook
Perkins Family Restaurant
Spokane WA  
April – May 1993
Cooked breakfast, but not fast enough for Perkins. They expected every breakfast to get out of the kitchen in 7 minutes or less. When 6 wait staff bring you 50 tickets all at one time, logic should tell everyone, that 7 minutes per order is a physical impossibility because you can’t even fit that many eggs and pancakes on the grill all at one time. So, when it became obvious that I was right about that, I was kindly asked to leave.

Pilot Plant Production Manager 
Westreco, Inc.
Moses Lake WA
March 1992 – April 1993   
Created and tested prototype french fries for Carnation / Nestle processed potatoes. Worked directly for Richard Pinegar, who invented the McDonald’s
World Famous Fries® recipe as we know it today. I was a certified french fry taste tester. I took a class and passed a test to earn that certification.

Telephone Solicitor
Gift Certificate Books
Moses Lake WA 
August – September 1992 
Sold gift certificate books over telephone.

Delivery Driver
Dominos Pizza
Moses Lake WA 
June – July 1992 
Delivered pizzas in extremely unsafe company owned vehicle.

Rudolph’s Office Supply
Baltimore MD  
January – February 1992
Sold office supplies via telephone.

Orlando Products, Inc.
Baltimore MD     
January 1992 (Worked One Day via Temp Agency)
Poured toxic chemicals together into a vat and heated them to create foam rubber in molds.

Mail Room Clerk
The Columbia Bank
Baltimore MD     
December 1991 – January 1992
Sorted US Postal and interoffice mail.  Delivered within building and collected outgoing mail.

Regal Waterless Cookware
Baltimore MD     
November – December 1991
Pitched from a mall kiosk and went on sales calls in homes.

Bill Collector
Credit Adjustment Bureau of Baltimore
Baltimore MD     
October – November 1991
Telephone bill collection at a little place across from Pimlico Race Track.

Phone Solicitor
Omaha Steaks
Baltimore MD     
October 1991
Smiled and dialed.

Wader Technician
Life-Link, Inc.       
Bozeman MT 
February 1990 – September 1991 
Built Simms‘ neoprene fishing waders. 

Warehouseman (Part-Time)
Little Montana Trucking   
Bozeman MT 
October 1989 – September 1991 
Loaded trucks and sorted freight in a beautiful old warehouse that is now Montana Ale Works. The Yin/Yang symbol in the Montana Ale Works logo is a vestige of Little Montana Trucking’s original logo.

Pizza Maker
Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza
Bozeman MT 
April – September 1991
Made take and bake pizzas at specialty kiosk inside Van’s IGA grocery store.  Sold a cheese pizza to Ted Turner.

Parking Valet
1803 S Church Ave
Bozeman MT 
Summer 1991 (Worked One Day) 
Parked cars for special event party at my neighbor’s house. He hired great caterers. We had shrimp!

Telephone Appointment Setter
The Vac Shack II
Bozeman MT 
January – April 1991
Set appointments for Kirby vacuum salesmen.

Lumber Stacker
Montana Timbers
Bozeman MT 
Winter 1990 – 91
Stacked 2’ x 4’ boards as they came out of the mill.

Delivery Helper
Gibson’s Discount Center
Bozeman MT 
February 1990
Helped out on a few deliveries and when I showed up on time for work one day I was told there was nothing to do, so I should just go home and come back tomorrow.  That day I was coincidentally hired by Life Link and when the appliance store called the next day to tell me I was late I told them that since there did not appear to be a job to go to I found another one that actually existed.

Pizza Maker
Pizza Hut
Bozeman MT 
October 1989
I told them I wasn’t available to work on Sunday and they just wouldn’t believe it until I didn’t show up.  

Breakfast Cook
Bear Country Restaurant
Gardiner MT 
May – September 1989
Cooked gourmet breakfasts. My own recipes. They were fantastic. Way better than anything you get at Perkins.

Cook / Swamper / Dishwasher
Town Cafe
Gardiner MT 
July 1987 – May 1989
Cooked extremely pedestrian fare and kept it clean enough to pass a health inspection. Nice people and a fun place to work.

Best Western Rusty Rail Lounge
Gardiner MT 
August 1988
Cleaned up some tables and poured water. 

The Blue Goose
Gardiner MT 
January – August 1988
Cleaned up the bar on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Key holder position. This is where I first met my wife, Ellen.

Cecil’s Fine Foods
Gardiner MT 
June 1987
Washed dishes and took out trash.

Construction Helper
Super 8 Motel
Gardiner MT 
June 1987
Helped clean up construction when hotel was built.

Meyers Pest Control
Winter Park FL
February – May 1987
Sprayed for cockroaches and fleas.  Tented and bug-bombed houses.

Meat Cutter / Packer
Hi-Flavor Meats Inc.
Oviedo FL 
February 1987
Cut beef every way that it can be cut.  Saw some things.  Bad things.  Stopped eating meat for a while.

Phone Room Manager / Solicitor / Salesman
Heritage House of Florida Inc.
Longwood FL 
September 1985 – February 1987
Set appointments and sold Regal Waterless cookware in home demonstrations.  Opened 6 offices in Florida and Georgia.

Telephone Solicitor
Ticket Sales
Jacksonville FL 
November – December 1986
Sold tickets for some Christmas or New Years event.  Not sure what.

Survey Helper
Land Surveyor
Orlando FL 
July – August 1985
Held the plumb bob steady for the surveyors.

Owner / Auto Detailer
Hollywood Car Care
Bedford / Manchester NH 
April – July 1985
Waxed cars. My first business venture.

The Yard Restaurant
Manchester NH 
March – July 1985
Washed dishes.

Stock Boy
Tiny Totland
Manchester NH 
March – June 1985
Stocked the basement, built cribs and helped with deliveries.

Campaign Solicitor
Political Campaign
Manchester NH 
Spring / Summer 1985
Drove down to nice neighborhoods around Boston MA soliciting campaign funds for something.  People actually handed us money!  I couldn’t believe it.

Freight Driver                                    
Intercoastal Airways
Newark NJ (Based in Grosse Ile MI)
February – March 1985
Drove air freight in a 24-foot straight struck from Newark International Airport to Dubois PA and back every night for an air freight company who did not have a working plane.

Production Line / Janitor
Hamilton Meat Pie Company
Dearborn MI 
November 1984 – February 1985
Made production line meat pies and cleaned up the factory.

Shields Pier Six Restaurant
Grosse Pointe MI 
October – November 1984
Cooked dinners at pretty nice restaurant.

Ditch Digger
Ole Red Barn
Sanders AZ
September 1984 (Worked One Day)            
Found work while hitchhiking through from Yuma to Detroit.  Joined a team of Navajo men and we dug a 2′ x 2′ x 30′ ditch in hard clay for electrical conduit. I was paid $32 for 8 hours plus a sandwich, chips and all the pop and water I wanted. What bothered me was that the Navajos I worked beside were paid less, and I guarantee, they could shovel way better than I could.

Phone Solicitor
The Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles CA           
September 1984
Sold newspaper subscriptions.

Airman / Trainee
United States Air Force
Lackland AFB, TX 
July – August 1984
Completed 29 days of basic training.  Entry level discharge.  Military life was not for me, but I sure am glad that we have individuals it suits well. I appreciate those who serve in the U.S. military and our esteemed veterans.

Petition Solicitor
Political Agenda
Winter Park FL 
May – July 1984
Approached people everywhere to get them to sign a petition.  Don’t remember what it was for.

Tile Setter
Shower Safety Seal
Longwood FL 
March – May 1984
Re-grouted bathroom tiles at Holiday Inns in Orlando FL, Greenville SC, Newark NJ, Manchester NH, and Schenectady NY.  Had some fun times with those tile setters.

Restaurant Worker
Longwood FL 
February 1984
Got caught eating cheese in the walk in cooler.  How humiliating. In my defense I was really hungry.

Rivership Romance
Sanford FL 
Winter 1984
Washed dishes on a three hour evening cruise up the St. Johns River from Lake Monroe.

Auto Detailer
Tom’s Car Care
Casselberry FL 
Fall 1983 – Winter 1984
Detailed cars.

Telephone Appointment Setter
Quality Water Systems
Forest City FL 
June 1983 – February 1984
Solicited appointments for salesmen selling Rainsoft systems.

Lead Provider
Superior Solar
Altamonte Springs FL 
September 1983 – January 1984
Door to door appointment setting for salesmen with solar panels.

Pizza Cook
Ricordi’s Italian Restaurant
Longwood FL 
March – October 1983
Made dough, pizza, washed dishes, swept and mopped.

Telephone Solicitor
Sears Home Improvement
Altamonte Springs FL
April 1983
Tried making appointments for sales team for a few days.

Lead Provider
World Survey Advertising
Altamonte Springs FL
November 1982 – October 1983
Surveyed people in parking lots for timeshare sales primarily for Orbit One in Kissimmee FL.

Telephone Solicitor
Central Florida Police Benevolent Association
Altamonte Springs FL
December 1982 – January 1983
Practically posed as a police officer on the phone to scalp people for donations. Yikes! I was happy to leave there.

Kitchen Help
Arby’s Roast Beef 
Altamonte Springs FL
November – December 1982
Made sandwiches and cleaned the kitchen. Probably the most laid back crew I ever worked with. If we had been paid better I would have never left.

Kitchen Help
Casselberry FL
November – December 1982
Made some sandwiches, cleaned the kitchen and broke the fruity whip machine.

Newspaper Delivery
Orlando Sentinel
Orlando FL
November 1982
Assisted driver on overnight bulk delivery to paper boxes and stores.

Telephone Solicitor
Vote NO on Proposal D
Southfield MI
August – November 1982
Called people to tell them to “Vote NO on Proposal D.”  We lost.

The Detroit News
Detroit MI
AUG 1977 – AUG 1982
Delivered newspapers and sold more subscriptions than any other paper carrier.

Kitchen Help
Joy Manor Banquet Hall
Westland MI
Summer 1981
Cooked massive quantities for weddings and cleaned up.  Joined in a traditional Greek wedding once where they brought their own plates to break.  That was fun!

Pizza Maker / Delivery
Pizza Man
Detroit MI
Summers 1980 – 1981
Made pizzas and delivered them with Candy Baughman and family.

Hotel Restaurant
Dearborn MI
Summer 1980
Washed dishes and did food prep at motel breakfast and lunch counter.  

Stock Boy
Corner Store
Dearborn MI
Summer 1979       
Sorted deposit bottles and stocked store shelves in a corner store that is now Sal’s Pizza Cafe.           

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